Nine-out-of-ten companies fail to successfully commercialize their technology.

and, the majority of sbir/sttr contracts fail to mature to phase ii programs.

Increasingly, a robust commercialization strategy is an essential criterion for Phase II acceptance and future success.

Commercialization is a complicated and often counterintuitive process, even to successful R&D firms. Its requirements are often at odds with the goals of R&D organizations focused on inventing the next great technology.

We call this the Innovators Paradox

Thinktiv works with companies throughout the commercialization lifecycle. It takes a diverse team of experts to derisk a technology enough to become commercially viable. Few companies can unite the behavioral economics of consumers with an in-depth understanding of market dynamics to successfully package, price, and sell a concept. 

To improve your outcomes, awarding Agencies have created the DTA program that allows you to receive commercial support at no cost to your organization.

Let Thinktiv help you navigate the commercialization journey while you focus on your core business. 

Delivering superior outcomes for over a decade.

Thinktiv is the only vertically integrated Value-Driven Innovation Firm focused on commercializing businesses for today’s emerging markets.

We solve the most challenging problems for technology executives bold enough to question “what is possible?”

Together, we launch solutions that generate rapid growth and maximize commercial value.

We’re built to answer the call of those who dream big.


Our Innovation Value Index

Our Innovation Value Index (IVI) has been honed over the past decade and is a proven method for measuring the commercial potential of innovation. Through it we assess opportunities across five key modules: Category Leadership, Solution Differentiation, Business Model Potential, Customer Potential, and Capacity to Achieve.

In the context of Phase I grants, the IVI helps to methodically uncover commercialization opportunities and risks. These items are then used to create a commercialization plan that informs and enables next steps on the path to a successful commercial outcome.

In many cases, the most important next step for a Phase I initiative is Phase II funding, so our Phase I program has been tailored to produce actionable commercialization plans that can be included in Phase II applications.

A proven Commercialization Partner

Thinktiv Phase I CAP

Commercial Assistance Program (CAP)

Thinktiv CAP systematically diagnoses an initiative’s commercial opportunity, highlighting the potential gaps in operations, technology, marketing, and product experience. The CAP prepares Phase I awardees with the essential knowledge to identify ideal customers and partners, and then structure the right package and price to attract both. Doing so positions you optimally for Phase II applications.

Q: What agencies support DTA?

As introduced in the 2011 Reauthorization Act, most agencies support DTA. Specifically, the DoE, DoT, DHS, and DoD (except Air Force and USSOCOM) all provide assistance.

Q: How do we apply for DTA?

Each agency solicitation includes detailed instructions, but DTA is generally noted in the Explanatory Material section of a firm’s cost proposal, specifically identified as “Discretionary Technical Assistance”. To help in this process, we have created a program summary that can be included with your Phase I proposal. The summary includes key information required by each respective awarding agency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dave Sikora

CEO and Board Member, Stratfor

I have worked as a technology executive for over 20 years, building and scaling companies. I can tell you that Thinktiv is the real deal. Hands down, they are the best people with whom I have ever worked.

At every stage of their growth, we help entrepreneurs and executives realize their vision. 

Start your journey to commercialization success today.

Thinktiv DTA Phase I CAP is a no cost option for supported Agency programs. Capacity is limited.

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Maximize your ability to succeed in SBIR & STTR Programs

  • Are you applying for SBIR/STTR Phase I grant program?
  • Would you like to increase the probability of earning SBIR/STTR Phase II awards?
  • Do you want to maximize the value of your innovation?

If you answered "yes" to the above, choose Thinktiv as your no cost DTA.

Commercialization Assistance Program for Federally-funded SBIR/STTR Phase I 

Program Deliverables

  • Discovery meeting
  • Innovation Value Index Assessment
  • Strategic findings & recommendations presentation
  • Phase II commercialization planning
  • Delivery of Market Synthesis Report
  • Delivery of Commercialization Plan (Required for Phase II application)

Team & Cost

Phase I CAPs deploy a matrix of personnel primarily focused on strategy consulting, market analysis, and business design disciplines, with contribution from design leaders and user experience experts.

CAPs are provided at no cost to the company for Phase I awards eligible for Discretionary Technical Assistance. CAP Phase I initiatives not eligible for DTA cost $5,000.

Blake Garret

CEO and Founder, Aceable

Thinktiv provided unmeasurable value at our most critical stage. We wouldn't have achieved this much success without them. The product and brand pillars we created together still guide our business today.


Q: How can I use Thinktiv if my Agency does not support a DTA?

Thinktiv offers Phase I CAP for all SBIR/STTR awardees. In the event DTA is not offered by the awarding agency, Thinktiv can still support commercialization planning efforts. Non-DTA programs are still tailored to assist in commercial growth or positioning for successful Phase II grant application.

Q: What if I'm a Phase II Grantee?

Thinktiv offers a suite of solutions for Phase II commercialization support. Phase II programs are built on the Innovation Value Index and tailored to prepare a program for additional funding or commercial release. Please contact us for more details.

We invent and transform companies in complex and emergent markets. Turnkey Innovation. Executive coaching. Private Equity. Venture Capital.  

Create what's next. 

Pioneers of Transdisciplinary Practice

By choosing Thinktiv, you gain access to a highly specialized team of commercialization experts. More than the sum of its parts, Transdisciplinary Design thrives on creating fundamentally new concepts by incorporating unique disciplines throughout a cycle of innovation. 

Delivering superior outcomes for over a decade.

Thinktiv is the only vertically integrated Value-Driven Innovation Firm focused on commercializing businesses for today’s emerging markets.

What is Discretionary Technical Assistance? 

DTA provides additional project funding to support commercialization activities through the provider of your choice. The program offers additional funding to your SBIR project with no other impact to your proposed budget. Most Government Agencies allow for DTA (or its equivalents):

  • DoD, DHS, DoT: Discretionary Technical Assistance
  • DoE: Discretionary Commercialization Assistance
  • NASA: Commercialization Technical Assistance

Why should we consider a DTA? 

Government agencies may offer some form of commercial support, but those programs are typically limited to regurgitated market research. Assistance consists of mountains of data with very little analysis or action.

The Thinktiv DTA program offers actionable commercialization plans distilled from deep market research and analysis. By working with us as your DTA, you also gain access to a seasoned partner for execution - capable of supporting you from Phase I through successful commercial outcome.

Thinktiv DTA Phase I CAP is a no cost option for supported Agency programs. Capacity is limited.